David Friedland — On April 4, 2016 a divided United States Supreme Court reaffirmed the “one man one vote “ principal.

By David Friedland

On April 4, 2016 a divided United States Supreme Court reaffirmed the “one man one vote “ principal. It held that persons who are present in a legislative district, including non-voters must be counted along with voters in determining how many elected representatives are allocated to that District. This means , by way of example, that if millions of aliens crossed the border and migrated into New Jersey, those persons would be counted in determining how many Congressman New Jersey would be allocated in the next re-apportionment, and New Jersey would receive additional Congressman. This is potentially a political bombshell- a political revolution. Obviously, States would want to open their border to immigrants, as the more immigrants, the greater the political power. If Arizona opened its borders to migration from Central America, it potentially could have as much voting power in Congress as Florida or New Jersey.

Now some casual observations.
When in 1979 as then Democratic leader of the Assembly I made a deal with the Republicans to elect Tom Kean as Speaker, I was called a “traitor” to the Democratic party. Yet as history will demonstrate that deal resulted in the passage of more urban aid legislation benefiting Democratic areas then had occurred in the century preceding the deal. I knew then, and I know now that political labels are meaningless. Donald Trump and John Kasich are as much Democrats, as they are Republicans. Our political establishment is not broken — it is frozen, stalemated and paralyzed by the seeming inability of political leaders to look beyond party labels. The biblical prophesy of Babble has come true. Even our language has become corrupted by “politicalize” — a new language that voters have come to distrust because it is meaningless and cannot be trusted. “Yes” means “NO” or “Maybe”. We can not call things by their names. Adam, who was given the task of naming all creatures, has lost his power. The height of human consciousness is the ability to differentiate, to identify things by language or symbols. Yet , political correctness limits the use of a differentiated language-for example “one man, one vote” has been renamed by some, as “one member-one vote” , and ISIS is not “ISIS,” it is “ISIL,” and ‘radical Islam” is a term that some folks fear to use (even the word “folks” has a special meaning). The moral — of a group of people can not communicate using common terms — we live in a state of Babel. When that happens, our auto immune system kicks into gear — and disrupts the status quo. That is why Donald Trump has come onto our stage — to disrupt everything that is false and corrupt — using a language seeming lost since Harry Truman and Mark Twain — “plain talk.”. Plain speaking people, are neither Republicans nor Democrats — they do not care about labels-and they hate babel. If nothing else good comes from these current elections, at least “folks” are learning how to speak again.